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Orange Crush Gose

Orange Crush Gose

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A refreshing citrus forward gose.  Orange juice and peel bring a distinct citrus flavour and aroma to the kettle sour base.  Meyer lemon and mandarin, adds a sweet tang with a subtle bergamot herbal spice and fragrance which is emphasised by the additions of coriander seed and sea salt.

Beer Style Modern Gose
ABV 4.2%

Water, Malted Barley,Yeast, Hops, Salt Orange Peel, Blood Orange Juice, Coriander, Lactobacillus, Lactose

Malt Lager Malt,Wheat Malt,Rolled Oats, Chit Barley
Yeast Stranda Kviek
Hops N/A
Vegan NO
Packed in 330ml can.